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Global Auto Group will purchase a vehicle for you at a flat fee over the wholesale cost! That's BIG by purchasing your next vehicle the way the new car dealers do...WHOLESALE. DEALERS WELCOME! WE ATTEND MOST FLORIDA AUTO AUCTIONS AND OTHERS NATIONWIDE. PLUS WE WILL PURCHASE INVENTORY FOR YOU AT A FLAT FEE!

Global Auto Group attends wholesale auto auctions most every day of the week. We have a Worldwide Computer Data Search Outlet to the find the vehicle that you want, with the optional features that you want, even down to the color that you prefer!

The process is simple. You tell us the vehicle that you are looking for, what color and optional features that you desire. We then locate the vehicle and purchase it for you at dealer wholesale. Just add our flat sales fee, tax and license fees and you're on the road at big savings!

Most cars carry the balance of the factory warranty, and are safeguarded against perils of flood damage, major accident, odometer problems......NO CAR BUYING NIGHTMARES HERE!

Not bad right? You get a vehicle for a flat fee over the actual cost that the big dealer's pay. You can literally save thousands of dollars purchasing a vehicle in this manner. What a unique concept, wouldn't you agree?

Isn't it time that you purchased a car or truck at a reasonable cost? Please contact us to learn more about saving big money on your next vehicle purchase.

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