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You are probably wondering "What is the background of that car or truck that Global Auto Group is advertising? I wonder if it has ever been in an accident?"

Well, here is a way to find out. Just click on the links to Autocheck and Car Fax to see the history of a vehicle before you buy. It's easy to peek into a vehicle's background to see when it first hit the road or if the road ever hit it!

It's like having a security background check performed on a car!!

Many of the vehicles we sell still have the original manufacturer's warranty. On most of the older or higher mileage vehicles, a warranty is available at reasonable rates. Please contact us for details.

Global Auto Group

Global Auto Group takes personal pride in searching, stocking and supplying your quality vehicles, specialty products (see below) classics and all your transportation needs. We ship throughout the world! Hundreds of satisfied customers since 1996! We're located in Stuart, Florida NEW!! We also service the Chicagoland area and states nationwide! Call us for all your vehicle needs! 561-262-3008 or

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